Printables: #GrowthMindset

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  • Printables: #GrowthMindset
  • Printables: #GrowthMindset
  • Printables: #GrowthMindset
  • Printables: #GrowthMindset
  • Printables: #GrowthMindset

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Use these printables to help you expand your beliefs and accomplish anything!

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A Box of Happiness is a box of themed inspirational stationery. Each Box of Happiness contains a themed 30-question journal, a notebook, a set of printables printed on nice glossy paper, a set of quote cards, a pen, clips, and inspirational sticker sheets. 

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Most of us were born with a few self-limiting beliefs, in one way or another. We believe we can’t do or achieve something because it’s impossible, because it’s too hard, because we aren’t good enough, because we don’t deserve it.

For a lot of us, we started having these mindset limitations at a very young age. Our condi- tioning and our past experiences contribute to the beliefs we have today. Believe it or not, most of our fears and limiting beliefs come from the homes and cultures we were raised in, the schools we attended and the people we surrounded ourselves with. Everything is connected.

And, as we get older, we may choose to embark on a path towards the discovery of our true selves, where we can learn to acknowledge and eliminate those limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Fortunately, I grew up with a father who doesn’t have many limiting beliefs, and he also taught me how to face my fears and cultivate the attitude of a winner. Today, I am very grateful for the beliefs my father instilled in me. Because of him, I have learned to believe in myself even when no one else does. My ability to nurture my willpower, patience, determi- nation, intelligence and, my creativity is all up to me. And, the same goes for you.

I hope this Box of Happiness will inspire you to transform and challenge your own thinking, to look deep inside yourself and eliminate whatever limiting beliefs have been holding you back. For you to be able to uncover the power that is, and has always been, already within you. When faced with external doubts and discouragement, remember that most people are sheltered by their own self-limiting beliefs. Their belief in you is actually limited by their belief in themselves.

If you find it hard to believe that your dreams can come true and that you can achieve your goals, seek out those who have achieved what you dream of. Surround yourself with people who inspire, ignite and fuel your passions because it can all have a positive, lasting effect on your life.

Shifts happen everyday. When you experience the epiphany that changes your thinking and life forever, please drop me a line. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey.


Mo Seetubtim

Founder & CEO 

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